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Way out West…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Ok, we’ll admit it. The tour is actually over, and we’re both finally back at our respective homes at the end of the journey.  But thanks to our lack of updates, we’re sticking to the plan of blogging the adventure, hold tight for another of the massive, long overdue blog posts, happening now…

Leaving Rocky behind, my solo drive onto Longreach was epic. Since getting my licence, all those years ago, I’ve had romantic dreams of being a truckie making each stop a home away from home, while traveling day and night to make the next delivery and pickup. The old fashioned road trip is a close second to the dream. Emerald was the highlight of the journey. Who would have thought a massive easel holding Van Gogh’s Sunflowers would be found in central Queensland. It’s massive and worth reading about.

For me, the biggest concern for the trip was hitting an animal. Heading west we knew that the risks of this would dramatically we avoided dusk and dawn to reduce the chances, but with bodies every thirty meters we knew it would be tough. Since our adventure is now over, (shhh!) we can safely say we didn’t hit a single soul for the entirety of the journey.

I arrived at Longreach in forty degree heats and half the town shutdown to attend a funeral. Lucky for me I was in good hands, with Claire, who I met roughly four years ago at a workshop that shaped Blackall’s annual Shockwave festival.

With all the youth development officers from council either leaving without notice or resigning  in the western Queensland towns while I was planning the tour,  I had to think on my feet, And thanks to Human, Brooke, Heather and Arts and Crafts Centre,  everything worked out perfectly. Because of the youth development officers disappearing acts, we had to drum up interest and participants. Claire and I hit the school, and to my surprise, I walk into the art class and find a familiar face, Phil, once Toowoomba’s hottest skater and trouble maker.  The local ABC station had heard about the tour through their networks and got me on their morning show as well.

Having the morning free and being a dinosaur and rock geek that I am, I decided the trip to Winton was a must. Sadly the home of the world’s largest dinosaur stampede, Lark Quarry was and still is closed for maintenance but Australian Age of Dinosaurs located just before Winton was open. From the outside, it would have merely looked like a large tin shed. Which it is, but a lot of action was unfolding inside.

I’ve met a lot of geeks in my time, but wow. Entering the gift shop and entry I was greeted by an over the top, bouncy, chatty bloke who upon first interaction, I thought might have been putting it on, but that wasn’t the case. George Sinapius, was actually a contestant on that terrible TV show, Beauty and the Geek. I’m not surprised on any level, but slightly disappointed I didn’t get a photo with him.

Thanks possibly in part to the 40 degree heat, the first workshop didn’t go so well, with only one young dude coming along, scooter in hand. So if the people weren’t coming to us, Bizoo would go to the people!

Thanks to Heather and the Longreach Cultural Association, our accommodation was at the historic Longreach Arts and Crafts building. Once the home of the local ambulance crew, now an amazing arts and crafts space that hosts gallery exhibitions and once a month markets. Lucky for us, that one day landed during our stay.  Continuing with the theme of taking the workshop to the people, we ran a workshop at the markets, then ran  another workshop at the local pool in the afternoon. Who would have guessed paper and water could be friends! Both workshops were a huge success, the young people of Longreach had a ball on the typewriters and alphabet stamp sets.

During our travels there have been a couple of side missions that we may not have highlighted. The first was visiting every dump shop in town, including all the OP shops. Thanks to Heather’s amazing backyard filled with fossils, and the Winton experience, fossicking has been added to the list. We haven’t found anything too amazing except fossilised wood and a pile of, as the opal shop owner calls them common stones.

The road has now officially taken its toll. We’re not getting any sleep but we totally exhausted. We’re up at 5am, have breakfast at around 7am and ready for more sleep around 8:30am. We’re total rock pigs!
Dr Jerm

To be continued…

Saying Goodbye to the Deep North

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

3 Nov: Innisfail – On the Road

Re-reading the last blog of our adventures through Mackay, Palm Island, Townsville and Cairns, it feels like this all happened months ago, but I swear it was just last week. There is still another week and a half of the adventure to go, but it’s safe to say we are three quarters of the way through our journey. We’re leaving the coast behind now to head inland on to Longreach, Blackall, Roma and Dalby.  The plan was always to return to each area to see what has progressed in the short time we were away, and continue to push the importance of creative expression through art and zines.

It felt like déjà vu as we retraced our journey through Mackay, Townsville and Rockhampton, but this time round we had a very different series of adventures to record…

4 Nov: Townsville –Michelle & Tashi’s opening + Chinchy

4 Nov: Townsville –Michelle & Tashi’s opening + Chinchy

To burn a few days in Townsville, we were helping Michelle Hall, who you’ll remember as the teacher from Palm Islands’ Bwgcolman Community School, and Tashi Wills, a crazy talented artist and zine maker launch their exhibition at Artspaced Inc. Part of the night included launching two 50 copy run art zines that show off Tashi’s mad skills even further. Yes, we snagged copies. Local band Chinchy rocked it downstairs, and local graff dude, RUN Collective member, Artground zine maker, all round nice guy Shane Troubles created a killer gocco print to make on the night to go with the Bizoo launch. When we thoughts things couldn’t get any better, the night was capped off with Chinchy member Jude springing Issue #18 of Bizoo (from back in February-March 2004) to get signed. Dr Jerm become an instant rockstar ! While in town we also got to check in at Umbrella Studios, that features the work by the artist we were lucky enough to be house-sitting for during our stay – Gerald Soworka

In my life away from zines, I also play roller derby for the Toowoomba City Rollers, and the following day I got to train with the Towns Villians. It had been about a year since I came up to Townsville last to watch the girls train, and this time I got a chance to train alongside them. At the end of the night I was asked by head coach Michael if I wanted to join the November Pain bout on the weekend as a Skull Raven. Having not trained since long before the tour started (thanks to other travel), and fearing a lack of endurance needed for the hour long game, I said hell yes. You just can’t turn down opportunities in this life! With one day to get a shirt screen printed and get in the zone for the semi-final (talk about pressure!), the game was super fast paced, brutal and a hell of a lot of fun. The Skull Ravens came out on top, just, against the Slaughterers 126 -115 taking them through to the finals!

5 Nov - Townsville Roller Derby

Still high from the game the night before, Dr Jerm and I headed back in to Artspaced for our community BBQ, zine workshop and fair from midday. When we arrived it turned out the BBQ was newly bought and Dr Jerm had to show off his ex-Bunning’s skills in putting it together in lightning speed. Similar to the last Townsville delivery, we ended up with a pretty young group of mainly boys. They were so dedicated when the food was ready they didn’t stop the zine making to even eat until we forced them to have a break. ‘The Typewriter times’ was one of the standout zines and contained an on the spot  interview with local band The Matadors, as well as one participant banging out two art zines in the session. We couldn’t be more impressed with the group that turned up.

7 Nov: Mackay – Zine meet up and Gocco printing

Packing back up the zine wagon, we set off for our quick stop back through Mackay. Heading back to CrossRoad Arts we set up in the workshop room. Karen, an art teacher and participant from the last workshop had found and brought along a special gem found in the back of the art cupboard – a BRAND NEW Gocco Printer ! Karne’s Gocco was the Orange model, the model before ours, and came as more of a screen printing set up, with a big roll of mesh, bulbs and paint. We spent much of our time fiddling with the little wonder, and although the mesh was over 10 years old (it had been hiding in the cupboard for that long), we still got an amazing print out of the little machine, and with the new screens you can buy, I foresee a long gocco printing future for Mackay. And not just Mackay… This tour may well have single-handedly brought back the easy, clean and cheap screen printing method of the Gocco. We can’t wait to see what gets produced.

7 Nov: Mackay – Zine meet up and Gocco printing

The other amazing result of the workshop was seeing  Donnielle’s new zine series, created while we were away. They were based on a racist sticker she saw around Mackay, and used the zines as an outlet for expressing herself and thoughts. They were amazing, high impact, and we were grateful she brought them along. Making zines really hit a nerve for her and I’m sure her students will be benefiting from her knowledge (and zine pack she took home).

Making a dash for Rocky, we once again luckily secured a room at the prestigious, though possibly under-utilized Walter Reid Centre, ready for the launch James Douglas’s ‘A Piss in the Ocean: Cameron Borg, A ripple in the Mainstream’ documentary. Cameron Borg was the guy pushing punk rock in the 90’s in Rockhampton, and from the footage from the DVD, he did one hell of a job of it. So many regions in Australia have a vast as yet undocumented history, and the showing of this film along with the Bizoo Book shows just how much goes on uncelebrated. Zines, Books, DVD’s, exhibitions and events can all retain a little piece of history for an area for the future. Without it, places like Rockhampton (and Toowoomba) get a bad rap for ‘nothing every happening’. Write, film and showcase your areas history today! And when you do, please send us a copy – we’d love to see it.

8 Nov: Rockhampton – A venue & Bizoo music meet up & screening of ‘A Piss in the Ocean’

This blog was written from Sophie Benjamin’s house in Rocky. Sophie launched the split SailorMouth and Sharks Vs Wolves EP right here on her roof for Dr Jerm and I when we came through last (download it free here). She went to work at 3am this morning for her news radio broadcast job, while I slept for a full 12 hours, which is a big deal considering we’ve been clocking about 5-6 hours most nights for the last month thanks to North Queensland’s love of sunlight, and fear of curtains.

While I sit here, Dr Jerm is taking the zine wagon on the long drive to Longreach with only the car mascots Borris and Roger the Tasmanian devil plush toys, and Zinc FM radio to keep him company. Both devils were found at various op-shops along the tour. I feel bad not accompanying him on the 8ish hour drive, but I’ve got a family wedding  waiting for me back home in Toowoomba tomorrow, so I’ll fly out from Rocky and join the tour back in Longreach, getting off the plane an hour and a half before our zine workshop there… here’s hoping for no delays!  Dr Jerm left really early this morning to get as many day light hours in as possible, as one thing we’ve seen most of on this tour is roadside kangaroos. Driving at dawn, dusk, or night just isn’t an option, if you want the car, yourselves and the marsupials to all continue being upright and healthy.

Car mascots - Borris and Roger

Elouise Quinlivan
Smells Like Zines

The Wheels on the Zine Wagon go round and round….

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

28 Oct: Townsville – Zine workshop

Life on the road can be all consuming and quite easily turn into a way of life without even noticing. Everyday offers endless possibilities, from exploring to meeting new faces, but, like any lifestyle change, something must always give, and for us, it was computer time. Blogging has taken the back seat to adventure, and let’s be honest, I don’t think it’s going to change.  Elouise and I have been photographing and documenting, but with no real time to reflect or upload to the online world, when so much is calling our names.

In March this year, I was lucky enough to be invited up to Mackay’s Artspace Gallery to deliver 2 days’ worth of zine workshops, and with Mackay being home to the bi-annual artist book conference, I knew there was a zine and artist book following up here. We decided that Crossroad Arts would be the perfect fit to host the workshop and zine fair. Crossroads are one of the very few arts community orgs that I find truly inspiring and not afraid to get their hands dirty with all walks of life. Steve, the director, is currently undertaking a residency at the Darpana Performing Arts Academy in Ahmedabad India. Checkout his video blogs here.  It was great to see familiar faces come along and hear about their current projects and developments.

24 Oct: Mackay – Zine Fair/Workshop @ Crossroad Arts

After a number of trips up and down the death stairs, the car was parked, we stank like wet dogs and the wagon looked worse than it ever had with boxes and zines all over the place. Off we went to our next home away from home, Townsville. We knew that the crew from Artspaced and RUN would be waiting with open arms.

27 Oct: Palm Island – Zine workshop

27 Oct: Palm Island – Zine workshop

Palm Island, an aboriginal community 20 minutes away by a tiny 8 seater flight off the coast of Townsville, was, without a doubt the most anticipated workshop of the tour. I’m sure when I mention Palm Island, certain connotations come to mind for you, and with the lack of adequate housing and employment opportunities within the island, it’s hardly the Marriot Hotel. That said, we were both excited and unsure of what we were going to be in for. The early morning flight gave us both the lay of the land and sea before landing, which was breathtaking to say the least. Michelle Hall from Bwgcolman Community School greeted us with excitement. Normally the schools art teacher, Michelle had picked up the slack with a chronic shortage of teachers and has taken on-board subjects like Geography to keep the subjects running. Our full day workshop was to be a reward for a  group of grade ten girls who had been working hard and attending school. It took a little while for them to warm up to us and the zine making plan, but less than thirty minutes in, the typewriters were in full swing and some of the best zines of the tour were in motion.

Michelle’s group are currently working on a project to create the Islands first cultural map with all the locations written in English and Indigenous dialects, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.  Over lunch Michelle gave us the guided tour around the school, showing off the graff murals that Townsville’s RUN collective have done. We ate kebabs for lunch at one of the few shops and gazed at spectacular views of the surrounding islands. Both of us can’t wait to head back and stay for a week and work on a longer term project. We were lucky enough to have a taste of what Palm Island can offer thanks to Jeanette from Artspaced.

Unlike Palm Islands reward class, the following day, students from schools in and around Townsville were in attendance because there were either suspended or expelled. The workshop was going great, we connected with the students, and they were making their ‘we hate cops’ and ‘teachers suck’ zines. Within an hour more teachers and staff arrived unannounced, out numbering the students. Sadly that put a stop to our ‘No rules zine making’ workshop and creativity. It was clear the zines had also come to a dead-end. With the wagon packed back up, and looking like we had been living in it for the past 2 years, not 2 weeks, we drove off to Cairns with plans of hitting up Wally’s (The Upholstery) birthday party!

29 Oct: Cairns – Zine workshop @ Crate59

Our workshop was really well received in Cairns.  Great number and quality crew rocked up, some even brought resource materials with them. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, as it wasn’t that long ago that Gutter Trash was held which launched ten local zines.  I’ve got a soft spot for Cairns, it’s the home of some of Australia’s most kind hearted arty crew, and lucky for us most of them helped us out in one way or another. MOFO, the Merchants of Fine Objects, once the home of limited edition T-shirts and artwork, is now the home to off the grid gigs, events and the new gallery, Room 1.  MOFO also became our home during our stay in Cairns.

29 Oct: Cairns – MOFO Gig (Meat Bikini)

As part of the Cairns launch, Joel Goodman of Auxiliary organised a gig at MOFO the same night as the workshops. Listening to one of Cairn’s punk intuitions Meat Bikini (best band name I’ve heard in years) made me think back how surreal the last three days have been. 27 October we were on Palm Island, 28 in Townsville with the quote, unquote bad eggs from the schooling system, and on the 29 the tropical city of Cairns in the beautiful community space Crate59 . Every workshop was so dramatically different, the places and people were real and we both wished we could stay longer and engage with each community. We have been in Cairns for the last week and we head back south today. Throughout the entire journey we have been treated like kings and queens, and are yet to ‘rough it’. The beautiful people of MOFO, Auxiliary, Room 1, Crate59, Arthouse and The Upholstery of Cairns have entrained, supported, hosted and housed us.

During our stay we quickly discovered that the only way to escape the subtropical heat is to delve into the depths of the rainforests. Stoney Creek has been our favourite getaway… you should have seen Elouise’s dismount from the rope swing! Picture a mid-air karate kick while slipping over. Classic!
Dr Jerm

Stop #1, Rockhampton

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The first stop on the Bizoo Launch journey was Beef capital, Rockhampton. You’d know its the beef capital from the numerous bull statues; most, sans testicles – a sport has emerged of stealing their junk. After a 9 hour drive straight up the coast from Rosewood, Dr Jerm, myself and Steve Towson hit the historic Walter Reid Centre, where we were lucky to snag a room for our stay – it certainly wasn’t roughing it, with a full enclosed apartment style digs designed for artist in residencies.

The first workshop, Oct 20th was a late night affair with both Steve Towson and Sophie Benjamin talking ‘the magic of good lyrics, community and the Importance of making your own music’. Around 15 people showed up for it, got linked up to places like APRA and A Venue, jumped some barriers to getting started and thought about what exactly is success in the music industry. If you missed it, don’t stress, we have a speed-dating night and movie screening happening when we come back through town on Nov 8th, to show ‘A Piss In The Ocean’, a doco that covers the Rocky punk and hardcore scene in the 80′/90′s. We can’t wait to see it ourselves !

After a bit of downtime, mainly checking out the old gold mining township of Mount Morgan, and all its quirks ( a suspension bridge, the locals, the running of the cutter and more!), we stepped up to the zine making event at the Rockhampton Library. Again with around 15 people taking part, zines on the local haunts, square dancing, magpies, speed cars and more were created. The Rocky Library is a huge state of the art centre like the Walter, all class. The day wouldn’t be complete without finding a new typewriter at the local dump shop for under a fiver to add to the collection, and being caught eating the food in the community organic garden.

Where to now ? After another 4 hour drive (stopping off at ‘The Caves’) we’ve hit Mackay, and as you can see from the photo, already made ourselves at home. This afternoon is the zine fair with Smells Like Zines, Gocco print making and more at CrossRoad Arts, a quirky artspace in the middle of town, situated on the top floor of an op shop. Can’t wait.
Elouise Quinlivan
Smells Like Zines

Hit The Road Bizoo!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

photo: JiÀhn Art Fotografie

To celebrate the launch of Bizoo’s final release: The Best, The Worst and the Trash That Never Made It’, Bizoo, Smells Like Zines and CrimInAll Records invite you to a free swag of events, workshops to be held throughout QLD.  So if you live or know someone who lives in the following towns. Give them the heads up and stay tuned for all the updates from the road. We’ve got a flip cam, a photocopier,  a Gocco printer, fireworks and fun!

- 20 Oct: Rockhampton – Song writing and Community workshop @ Walter Reid Centre (6-9pm)

- 22 Oct: Rockhampton – Zine Workshop @ The Regional Library (10am-1pm)

- 24 Oct: Mackay – Zine Fair @ Crossroad Arts (3:30pm-5pm)

- 27 Oct: Palm Island – Zine workshop (invite only)

- 28 Oct: Townsville – Zine workshop (invite only)

- 29 Oct: Cairns – Zine workshop @ Crate59 (10:30-1pm), Music Workshop @ MOFO 3:30-5:30pm + Gig

- 4 Nov: Townsville –Michelle and Natasha’s opening (6pm-9pm) Gig w/Chinchy (9pm-10pm) @ Artspaced/Dance North

- 6 Nov: Townsville – Zine workshop & BBQ @ Artspaced/Dance North (12 – 3pm)

- 7 Nov: Mackay – Zine meet up and Gocco printing @ Crossroad Arts (3:30-5pm)

- 8 Nov: Rockhampton – A venue and Bizoo presents a music networking night w/screening of ‘A Piss in the Ocean’ @ Walter Reid Centre (6-9pm)

- 11 Nov: Longreach – Music Workshop @ Youth Club (4-7pm)

- 12 Nov: Longreach – Zine Workshop @ Youth Club 12:30-3pm)

- 13 Nov: Blackall – Music/Zine workshops & BBQ @ Blackall Memorial Hall (12-5pm)

- 16 Nov: Roma – Zine workshop @ Community Hall (4-7pm)

- 17 Nov: Roma – Music workshop @ Community Hall (4-7pm)

- 19 Nov: Dalby – Zine Workshop @ Dalby Regional Gallery (10am-2pm)

All the workshops and events are free, the book will be available throughout each town a few weeks before each launch event. The book will also be available to pick-up at each event.
For more information, questions or bookings please email: bizoozine @

Bizoo’s regional and north Queensland tour is proudly supported by The Edge.

Bizoo Book Brisbane Launch + Zine Fair + Bands

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Review by: Linda Coates.
On Saturday, the 8th of October I made the trek from the not-so-sunny Gold Coast up to Brisbane for the Bizoo Book Launch presented by Bizoo, 4zzz and The Paper Cuts Collective. Despite the terrible weather, spirits were high as a makeshift roof was created to provide shelter from the rain. Luckily the sky cleared up and once that happened, more people arrived.

‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst and the Trash That Never Made It’ is a book covering the ups and downs involved with the Toowoomba arts and music zine, Bizoo. It’s free and it’s carbon-neutral! I haven’t read all of it yet but so far it’s given an insight into what things were like for the arts and music scene in Toowoomba and how exciting it was for young people to have this resource and network to contribute to and be involved in.

There were many fun things to do in the 4ZZZ carpark including a collaborative zine open to anyone willing to add to it, badge making, a typewriter to play on, a gocco printer and general arts and crafts. The badge maker was incredibly popular and I admit to having made at least four badges. The free copies of Bizoo enticed many shy passersby to come in and partake in the festivities.

The zine fair upstairs showcased some really interesting art and zines by local artists including Philip Dearest, who designed the event flyer. He also had some zines, stickers and posters available and was very generous with discounts. There was a great spread of local artists, anarchist resources, cute crafts (like handmade moustaches) and old punk magazines.

The first band Gunk was riot grrrrl and they were totally awesome. After they played I pounced on the guitarist and singer Alex to ask where I could get their CD. During their set I was captivated by a man I now know to be Emmanuel Hernaez in the audience frantically sketching with a Sharpie under their influence. After Gunk was the Giants of Science with a rocky AC-DC sound and some nice guitar solos. Unfortunately I was led astray by the offer of free beer and left just before the end of their set. It was an awesome day and I was totally inspired to start my own zine!

The Brisbane Launch! This Saturday @ 4ZzZfm

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Zines and water are sadly not friends. But thanks to Triple Zed Brisbane. The fair is happening upstairs. Bands will still be performing in the car park! Rock! Scissors! Glue!

So… we have just got back from hijacking the This is Not Art festival in Newcastle. A huge thanks must go out to ARThive for letting us invade your space during your kick arse ‘This is Not Bart’ exhibition.  Lizzie has done up a bit of a write up about the 1st October launch day and below is a photo of gocco printing madness at the TINA Zine fair on the Sunday. Thanks Sarah Mould for the killa rat art as part of Bizoo’s touring gocco prints series. (I’ll put up a bunch of photos from ‘This IS Art: Bizoo takes on the TINA Festival’ on facespace shortly).
For the Brisbane launch, you’ll be able to print your own Philip Dearest creation (above). Feel free to bring along your own paper, material or bag to print on.

This coming  Saturday the 8th October it’s Brisbane’s turn to Celebrate! To celebrate the launch, Toowoomba based Folk/Punkers Jack Flash will also be launching their debut album, on the day, alongside illustrious Brissie rockers The Giants of Science, The Strums, and Gunk. The whole shebang is totally free, and so is the book! The fun starts with a zine fair at 10:30 am in the Zed carpark,  with bands hitting the stage at 3pm. Proudly presented by: Bizoo, 4ZZZfm and The Paper Cuts Collective.

Running times…..
10:30am – 2:30pm Zine Fair / Workshops – Zine making brought to you by Visible Ink & Gocco Printing by Bizoo (image by Philip Dearest)
3-3:30 GUNK
3:45 – 4:15 Giants of Science
4:30- 5 The Strums
5:15 – 6 Jack Flash

Hope to see you Saturday.
Dr Jerm & The Bizoo Crew

This IS Art: You don’t make friends with zines! & This is not a library!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Introducing the discussion Crew!!

Unlike your standard Q and A panel session, where so called ‘industry pro’s’ discuss their worldly knowledge and talk at you, not with you, Bizoo’s This IS Art panels are a social, honest and realistic chat about all things zines. Yes, we have the so called ‘industry professionals’ on hand, but their role is to fill the conversational void left by participants. This is not a lecture. It’s a chance to meet other zinesters, creators and indie crew, eat some free lunch and guzzle some beer before the Golden Stapler Awards. The panels are devised to inspire artists and new projects, talk about real issues in producing your own publications, how they get out to the world and what the etiquette should be. The discussions will be led by zine and independent creators, fans and everyone in attendance. Descriptions of ‘You don’t make friends with zines!’ & ‘This is not a library!’ will be online shortly. Location and details are below.

FaceSpace event page….

Bizoo takes on the TINA Festival – Saturday, October 1 @ ARThive Newcastle, NSW.
The lowdown…
10am: ARThive, Grab the Bizoo Book and check out the ‘This is Not Bart’ Exhibition
10:30am – Midday: You don’t make friends with zines! (discussion)
Midday – 2pm: Free Vegan BBQ
2:30pm – 4pm: This is not a library! (discussion)
4:30pm -5:30pm The Golden Stapler Awards pre beers and chill out

You Don’t Make Friends with Zines

Your right, ‘You Don’t Make Friends With Zines’, but you do get to add to the political and social landscape in your own way. With the Golden Stapler Awards just hours away, we look at competition In the arts, as well as zine etiquette, especially while badmouthing people that will most likely read your zine. What makes a zine a zine, and what are the standout characteristics of a zinester (yes, you are all stereotypes). Who’s in your zine community, how do you keep active and what feedback have you had on your work? How do zine collectives, such as the PaperCuts take on the mainstream and literary activism.

This Is Not A Library !

After smashing down some sausages at the BBQ, it’s time to get a little heavier with ‘This Is Not A Library’. This session is your chance to voice your pain, start a shit fight and show your love of the printed word. Zine currency, trades, and the crazy price of postage is one thing, then there is zine tabling and distributing to think about. Where do zines fit in, now that major book chains such as Borders have gone bankrupt. With three distro’s represented on the panel, they talk shop on creative zine launches, how to score free printing, stick it to the man, and make a few bucks to pay for the bus home. Archiving practices, legal deposit, and snatching the readers while they’re young, but old enough to have that disposable income to throw around is considered.  Who is your audience and how to tap into new and old generations, while keeping it real. Come have a chat with us, and start the awards pre-drinking together.

Discussion Facilitators:

Dr Jerm/Staples – Discussion topics: Pilfering government grants, how to supplement your Newstart allowance by other shady means, and publish zines (all at once!). Dr Jerm has been publishing zines for 10 years, was an intern at America’s biggest publisher of zine’s, Microcosm Publishing, joined together zine crews while visiting Zines Mate in Japan, and helped found the Brisbane group Paper Cuts Collective. Dr Jerm has finally launched the much anticipated Bizoo music and arts and bullshit anthology while living in a single garage sized flat. Still without a day job (he has no time for one), you can read about his adventures in the USA in Whenever I see A bearded hobo on the street, I’ll think of you and smile, where the phrase “It’s all fun and games until someone almost loses an eye” becomes amazingly apt.

Elouise Quinlivan
– (not Sticky’s Eloise – totally different person) Runs a zine shop called Smells Like Zines in the deepest backwaters of Queensland (Toowoomba), and has been riding the zine wagon since underage drinking and late night zine making were cool.  In recent times Elouise has been playing roller derby, home-brewing, living the dream and writing about it. Her most recent offering; Complaints Letters shows Elouise taking on businesses in the style of Nerf Jihad.

Emily ‘That Smelly Kid’ – Fresh from a year long hike around the Philippines, Emily suffered every zinesters worst nightmare: having a years worth of content for Gutterslug 3 stolen in both its electronic laptop and external hard dive forms. Anarchist, stencil graffitist and trouble maker, Emily (aka ‘that smelly Kid’) will join the discussions  with stories about travel, living in squats, youth and adult housing shelters, and generally living the dream (WARNING: Emily’s dreams may differ significantly from yours, and should not be listened to whilst under the influence of psychotropic drugs).

Luke You – Is the paperbag wearing, anonymous weekly publisher from Melbourne. Leading multiple lives in the zine world, Luke has reached the 10th year anniversary of the You saga. Publishing the only zine with a plastic knife attached to the cover of each issue, and playing in a metal noise band while stripped down to his hairy chest, this guy knows the zine world in and out.

Simon Grey – Adelaide zine shop Format manager, coordinator of the Golden Stapler Awards, and illustrator editor of student paper Empire Times in 2004. In 2006 he started and ended the zine series Simon Gray: 2006, & spoke on panels about it at The National Young Writers Festival. Simon’s work has appeared in Australian publications all over the place, such as The Format Annual, Pop Culture and Two Minute Noodles, YOU, the cover of Leigh Stardust’s They Make Good Pets (But I Don’t Have One), Fistfull of Comics, Excitement Machine, On Dit, & another of his own zines, The Fake Bitter Milk.

The following day…

Sunday, October 2
TINA Sunday Fair 2011-Zine & Artists Market @ NCC King St Carpark
11:00am – 4:00pm: Grab the Bizoo Book & try out our new Gocco Printer

Bizoo takes on the TINA Festival

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

photo: JiÀhn Art Fotografie

Bizoo Zine and the ARThive crew invite you to the launch of Bizoo: The Best, The Worst and The Trash That Never Made It’ a free retrospective book that covers the highlights and the lowlights of the music and arts zine, Bizoo. Bizoo grew up in Toowoomba (or as some of you might recall ‘Poo-woomba’). Over its twenty-five issues, Bizoo rounded up a tribe of 50 contributors from across the country and became a platform that supported the arts nationally.

The lowdown…
10am: ARThive, Grab the Bizoo Book and check out the ‘This is Not Bart’ Exhibition
10:30am – Midday: You don’t make friends with zines! (discussion)
Midday – 2pm: Free Vegan BBQ
2:30pm – 4pm: This is not a library! (discussion)
4:30pm -5:30pm The Golden Stapler Awards pre beers and chill out

Sunday, October 2
TINA Sunday Fair 2011-Zine & Artists Market @ NCC King St Carpark
11:00am – 4:00pm: Grab the Bizoo Book & try out our new Gocco Printer

We’ll put up more info shortly, also here’s a link to the Facespace event.


Zines: ‘the pop-tarts of literature’

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Elouise Quinlivan from Smells Like Zines and Bizoo crew member has a chat with Miranda Grant from ABC Open.

I began putting together a care package to post to her; beeswax candles, a travellers tube of Vegemite and other suitably supportive Australiana. Just as I was adding the final clip-on Koala into the parcel, my smartphone chimed liked a grandfather clock.

Bing! You have mail…

Bizoo: ‘The Best, the Worst and the Trash that Never Made it’.  The launch of this publication was happening at the Toowoomba Regional Gallery, celebrating a compilation edition of Toowoomba’s infamous street press Bizoo. For the five years it was in print, Bizoo followed musicians, artists, live events and festivals from Toowoomba, Queensland and around Australia. This was a youth culture zine that contributed a great deal to the cultural underbelly of Southern Queensland.

But hold on, what is a zine? ….

Miranda Grant By Open Producer Miranda Grant