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BiZoo-Ka! A fringe dweller farewell party to Bizoo arts zine

Bizoo zine’s final issue ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’ will be launched in Melbourne on Saturday 6 October at The Old Bar as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012 with a punchy mini-festival line-up of bands, discussion panel and interactive artwork.

3 years in the making.  40,034 beers consumed.  160,864 man hours.  20kgs of body hair lost.  6 families eaten.  3 virgins cast into a volcano.  23 necks punched.  18 favours pulled (3 we really regret).  145 varieties of drugs taken.  2,304,506 lines written, edited and read.  5 conspiracies crafted.  7 dreams crushed into powder and snorted.  And 1 final issue ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’; the final collected words of a zine about music festivals, art shows and the shit-fights that followed.

The Bizoo-Ka! farewell party will feature artists, musicians and speakers as torn from the pages of Bizoo itself. Bringing you all that the zine’s writers revelled in promoting the evening will include; Blah Blahs (a DIY arts discussion panel), Boom Booms (indie bands from around Australia) and Chop Chops (exhibition, and interactive art and publishing workshops).

Bizoo-Ka! launch party invites all the artists, producers, writers and readers that the Bizoo team have supported in Melbourne over the years to a final bash, while continuing to present new fringe dwelling artists.

BiZoo-Ka! Boom Booms will take the stage from 9pm till late with a line-up that screams; Frowning Clouds, The Gooch Palms, Dead Shades and Brendan Black.

12am FROWNING CLOUDS (Geelong)
11pm THE GOOCH PALMS (Newcastle)
10pm DEAD SHADES (Bris)
9pm HUNTING PICTURES (Melb, first gig EVER!)
8pm BRENDAN BLACK (The Stabs, Melb)
6pm The State of DIY in Australia in 2012 Panel co-presented by Sticky Institute
5pm Doors Open

Indie-pop/60’s garage four-piece outfit Frowning Clouds hail from Geelong Victoria. Melbourne’s little sister, resplendent with sand and sea, has given us a bevy of amazing music over her time and her latest export, The Frowning Clouds continue that sterling tradition. The first sample from the five-piece’s album ‘All Night Long’ is indicative of just where The Frowning Clouds are genre seated, which is squarely around 1965.

‘Shit-pop’ is how Sydney duo The Gooch Palms classify their music; but if you get past that unwelcoming description, and their ungainly name, you’ll find one of the true gems of the harbour city’s burgeoning retro-punk scene. It’s simple, loud, brash and bold, taking big chunks of 50s rock’n’roll, mixed with equal portions of 60s-style lo-fi punk.

After being through several incarnations in their short existence new Melbourne three-piece HUNTING PICTURES are locked and loaded to play their very first show. Members of Deaf Wish and Scul Hazzards have teamed up to jam out noisy improvisations into some semblance of pop songs.

Rounding out the fantastic line-up are Brisbane’s menacing garage-blues trio Dead Shades playing bourbon-soaked, panty-wringing rifferama dirtier than your drunken stepfather and Brendan Black of Melbourne’s leering swamp rock outfit The Stabs will playing solo.

BiZoo-Ka! Blah Blahs; a panel on The State of DIY in Australia in 2012 co-presented by Sticky Institute will run from 6pm till 8pm. Panellists are Dr Jerm (Bizoo), Luke Sinclair (Sticky Institute), Bridget Chappell (AutoStop Zines/Veganistan), Michael Fikaris (Silent Army), Elouise (Smells Like Zines/Bizoo) and Ben Hutchings (Squishface). This panel gives local perspectives and presents different approaches to do-it-yourself and do-it-together ethics that have seen zines, books, wheat pastes, graffiti and protest move public opinion and allow a voice for those yet unspoken for.

Bizoo-Ka! Chop Chops will be an interactive exhibition where punters can make their own Gocco print and participate in, ‘Newspaper in a Night’ and the ‘Takky Wall Graff’ progressive artwork from 6pm till late. Plus The Covers of Bizoo Exhibition featuring cover artists: Ken Taylor, Rowan Tedge, Milly Loveknuckles, Simon Degroot and Sam Mackenzie.

Tickets $12: Pre-purchase tickets via by phone on 03 9660 9666, or buy at the door.

Venue: The Old Bar :: 74 Johnston St, Fitzroy, Melbourne :: 03 9417 4155