Bizoo-Ka! ACT

Bizoo-Ka! Launch Party! The final issue ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’

Canberra’s special Bizoo-Ka! Launch event includes:
- Fighting League: thefightingleague
- Bad Pharmer (EP Launch):
– Dead DJ Joke:
- The State of DIY in Canberra in 2013 panel 7:30pm-8:30pm
- Miranda Lello and Tasnim Hossain (Spoken Word)
- Mini Zine Market present by: Canberra Zine Emporium
- Workshops

Co-presented by: Scissors Paper Pen, Canberra Zine Emporium & Smells Like Zines Distro

Bizoo’s editors and trouble makers from Queensland are bringing the Deep South Tour to The Front Gallery and Cafe, with Bizoo-ka! Breaking the mould of traditional and often stale book launches, Bizoo-ka is a punchy mini-festival line-up of bands, a discussion panel and interactive art workshops designed to create a dialogue and get the audience involved in the process.

Fittingly, the Bizoo-Ka! farewell party will host a line-up of bands from 9pm featuring musicians and speakers torn from the pages of Bizoo itself with Fighting League, the infamous Canberra punk band, Bad Pharmer, a fusion of 90s rock, Dead DJ Joke a zine maker and culture clash noise maker. Bad Pharmer are launching their EP ‘Where the Wild Bison Roam’ on the night, with Scissors Paper Pen, a Canberra arts collective hosting two of Canberra’s finest spoken word poets, Miranda Lello and Tasnim Hossain.

BiZoo-Ka!; The panel! The State of DIY in Canberra in 2013 co-presented by Scissors Paper Pen and Canberra Zine Emporium will run from 7:30pm till 8:30pm. Panelists are Danny Wild (, Dr Jerm (Bizoo), Samuel Tupou (Artist/Bad Pharmer), Stuart McMillen (Comic Artist), Elouise (Smells Like Zines Distro/Bizoo), Nat Clark (Canberra Zine Emporium/Pony for Now zine), Paul Summerfield (Canberra Creative) and Rosanna Stevens (Scissors Paper Pen).

This panel gives local perspectives and presents different approaches to do-it-yourself and do-it-together ethics that have seen zines, books, wheat pastes, graffiti and protest move public opinion and allow a voice for those yet unspoken for. This is a social event, it’s not the “big wigs” sitting out front and talking at you. Come along and make some new friends and start collaborating!

Not only do punters get the free Bizoo retrospective book, but they also get to engage with interactive and make a postcard sized created by Canberra’s own Paul Summerfield on a Gocco Printing Machine. Gocco printing originated in Japan and is a mix of traditional screen and pressure printing, but without the mess usually associated with screen printing. Paul’s print will only available at Bizoo-Ka!, show up or miss out.

Due to the massive success of the Canberra Zine Emporium zine fair. Bizoo has teamed up to include a super special mini zine market as part of the festivities.

Get in early to pick up your FREE copy of ‘Bizoo: The Best, The Worst & The Trash That Never Made It’