The Final Count Down… Dalby!

19 Nov: Dalby – Zine Workshop @ Dalby Regional Library

We were spent. Our hearts, souls and drive for the tour was almost gone, but we had to end on a high. We left Roma Friday morning with our sights set on Dalby.  The drive was mind-numbing and the scenery wasn’t helping. The only things that kept us going was the chance of a decent op shop in Miles and checking in with the crew from the Dogwood Crossing Gallery. Entering the gallery, the last thing we were expecting to come across was an exhibition from the Umbrella Studio which included work by the artist whose house we sat in Townsville, Gerald Soworka! We also picked up a copy of the graphic novel, The Lure Note.  Our Dalby host and librarian, Joel Kelly coordinated the project via the Western Downs Libraries. Elouise and I both had previously heard about the massive project but hadn’t seen a copy. Both instantly impressed with the amount of work and originality, we couldn’t wait to meet these creative Dalby crew.  The Lure Note is a graphic novel that was put together by the young people of Miles, Tara, Dalby and Chinchilla where they wrote, acted out and photographed the story before being illustrated by a graphic artist. You can grab yourself a copy at Smells Like Zines here. (shit product placement ahoy!)

During the entire month away we hadn’t spent a cent on accommodation, and Elouise and I planned to keep it that way even though we had no accommodation planned in Dalby. For a brief moment we did consider heading back to Toowoomba for a good night’s sleep but opted to crash in the car instead, as we felt doing so would be cheating.

The final day arrived! As the tour, which now feels like months ago, began on a high, we had to without question wrap this sucker up on a high. As Dalby is only an hour away from Toowoomba and 210km from Brisbane, we recruited ex-Dalby gal and ‘Take Aim Zine’ author Angie to share her wisdom as well as honorary Bizoo members Luc and Adele to deliver a shit hot workshop.

19 Nov: Dalby – Zine Workshop @ Dalby Regional Library (Photo: Angie)

It’s been two weeks since that Dalby workshop and we still can’t believe the imagination and creativity that came from the Dalby participants. Maybe they put something in the water but WOW! Crazed fantasy tales, the story of a pacer pencil that lasted a full year without changing the lead and that’s just two of the zines produced from that workshop. I guess we delivered the workshop we had hoped for. One of the most exciting outcomes from the Dalby workshop was the inception of a zine library to be housed at the Dalby Regional Library.

The tour had come to an end. We did everything that we set out to achieve and more.  Both Elouise and I have started to receive thankyou letters, handmade one off zines and photos from the tour appearing on social networking sites.

Our goal was to plant cultural seeds throughout regional and north Queensland areas as well as motivate people to create within their home towns.  Both of us can and have been sleeping soundly knowing we delivered such. I’m one to let actions speak rather than words. So, we assisted the inception of a festival to happen in Roma as well as a band to form, the local pool in Longreach is now regularly hosting workshops and events, inspired a lady to host her own zine workshops in Mackay and continue working with the Palm Island community to professionally print and document their bilingual map project.

19 Nov: Dalby – Zine Workshop @ Dalby Regional Library

Where to next… well we plan to deliver more workshops throughout Queensland and then take on the rest of the country. But before any of that will happen, we need to refuel and take a month off. Huge thanks most go out to everyone who made this journey possible. Thanks to the beautiful Steve and Ness for letting us use their wagon, without it the trip simply wouldn’t have happened.  All the communities that hosted our workshops as well as housed us. The Edge, for believing in our crazy idea and throwing us some coin to cover some of the basics and the most important people of all, YOU the ones who came along to our workshops that created new works and made this entire journey so successful.

So that’s it, 5 months worth of planning and 1 month on the road has come to an end…. well nearly… Over the month we created and kept a tally of oddities we spotted on the road. No doubt we missed a bunch of things but it kept us entertained and is much more fun than games of eye spy.

Don’t be a stranger!
Dr Jerm

Final Tally Board


The Big Meat Ant – Big Acoustic Guitar – The Big Rascist – Big Birds Nest – Big Anzac Hat – Big Rolly Poly – Big Crab – Big Cheese – Big Orange – Big Sheep – Big Kangaroo – Big Bundy Rum Bottle – Big Vinnies – The Big James Cook – Big Stockman – Big Barramundi – Big Frog on Banana – Big Indigenous Dude – Big Ibis – Big Mango – Big Painting – Big Marlin


- Novelty Letter Boxes 14

- My Family Stickers  63 + Frangipani Stickers  4

- Kookaburras 14

- Tidy Towns 9

- Traffic stops for road works 32

- Shitty Skate Parks 9

- Live Emus 11

- Cans of energy drinks drunk on tour 5

- Limp Biscuit cover of ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ playing on the radio 5

- WaterFall Buckets at Man Made Swim Parks 3

- Eggings 1

- Typewriters 8

- Shoes on a Wire 2

19 Nov: Dalby – Zine Workshop @ Dalby Regional Library


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