Are You Scene Enough? Survey (Issue #21)

1.  All the cool kids wash their hair these days. Some have even purchased a comb. Your mane best fits what description…

A)  After an hour of styling my hair each day, and tactfully getting my hawk/fringe/rats nest up, I am ready to face the world. However, occasionally, I will leave the house without using a whole bottle of gel.
B)  Pfftt hair shmer. I say let nature look after it.
C)  My natural hair colour is sooo not black. However, I’ve kept that mistake under the carpet. For about three years now it’s been a radiant black – regrowth is never evident on my head.
D)  I’ll tame it up/down/sideways on special occasions. Like for a gig, or a ‘let’s piss the old grannies off at the supermarket’ excursion.

6.  The lead singer of the band that just played comes up to you. You were passionately moshing non-stop for their 30 minute set. You suspect you have cracked a rib. What do you do?

A)  Cry. It’s the pinnacle of your life. Then, sobbing, ask for an autograph.
B)  Go straight for the catch and tactfully bullshit your way to free booze.
C)  Piss bolt in the other direction, literally. Preferably towards a shitter – privacy is needed. That was a scary encounter. Amen.
D)  Chat about the show and… stuff

7.  At the afterparty, where all the cool kids play loud music and pick fights with neighbouring bogan parties, who ‘are’ you at the shenanigan…

A)  My mummy says I have to be home by 8pm.
B)  Well, by trade, I’m a ‘Groupie Hoe’. *Pride*. Part time, I also look for free booze.
C)  Appear in as many social circles as possible, emo to punk to the random ska – I must make an appearance to all worthy of breath.
D)  Hanging with my homies of course, livin’ the early hours of the morning together.

The full survey will appear in The Best, The Worst and The Trash That Never Made It.

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